Resin waste from a 3D printer becomes a series of islands in video installation.

Observatories for small objects and short stories.

A visualisation of collision data from Cern, contrasting the contemporary and historic appearances of the cloud chamber.

A trip to La Gomera condensed into a scripted exhibition.

While La Monnaie is closed for renovations, the building is stepping out of the spotlight. However, that doesn't mean that it will remain silent! Instead of listening to an opera, we invite you to listen to the opera house.

Images from a self built digital camera.

Opposing the common cinematic way cosmic scenes are created with visual hints to flicker film.


A booklet playing with the flatness of a print and the volume of a book, back and front, day and night, construction and decay, one and zero.

An exploration of landscape videos where the viewpoint has been pivoted inside the data files using virtual slitscanning.

A failed download turned into a happy accident

A video of a lightning storm where the frames were reordered according to their brightness.